Pacatiw defeats the local boy Uloomi at Brave 17


The MMA fighter from Philippines, Jeremy Pacatiw defeated the local boy Uloomi Karim Shaheen in the co-main event of Brave 17 on Saturday by a unanimous decision.

The much-anticipated fight between the two fighters was a thrilling encounter for the fans to witness, where both had their moments in the octagon, however, it was the man from Lakay Team who stood as victorious.

Uloomi knew that the fight against his Phillippines opponent would be a challenging one as he has the capability to land fierce strike and it was supposed to be him game plan.

The iconic Pakistan’s MMA fighter from Fight Fortress was up for the challenge and he was ready to counter every move of his opponent during the fight.

At the end, it was the visiting fighter, who jury announced the winning during the co-main event of Pakistan’s first international Mixed Martial Arts Event.