Pakistan and India should resume bilateral cricket ties says Khan


Pakistan’s world cup winning captain Imran Khan was in India few days ago and the warm welcome he received from India has made him talk about the prospect of resumption of cricketing ties between India and Pakistan on a bilateral basis.

During a ceremony in Peshawar Imran said that it is vital that these two nations resume their cricket battle as he believes that it will benefit both countries financially and also the players involved.

“I was happy to see the hospitality extended to us and our team in Kolkata and I think it is time the two countries resumed regular bilateral matches,” he said in Peshawar during a tree plantation drive ceremony.

“I think if the two boards and governments can agree to resumption of bilateral series it will prove beneficial for both countries and the players,” he said.

“It will also bring financial benefits for both boards,” he added.


The BCCI is in a more stable condition as compared to the Pakistan cricket Board which is why Imran Khan is adamant that the Board can use the money they earn from the series to improve their cricket and invest in the domestic structure.

“If bilateral cricket can resume it will mean money for the board and this can than be invested into our domestic and club cricket which needs to be reorganised in the country,” said the 1992 World Cup winning captain.

The ex captain added that Pakistan has ample amounts of talent but they need proper guidance and fine tuning to excel at the highest of levels.

“We are not short of talent in cricket but we need to inject money into the sport at the grassroots level and boost the condition of domestic players and improve our domestic system,” he said.

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