Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation acts after four mysterious deaths


It is an alarming situation as four bodybuilders have lost their life in the past 18 days in Punjab. Matloob Haider was the fourth bodybuilder, who left this world without any serious ailment.

Before Matloob, recently crowned Mr. South Asia, Humayun Khurram died mysteriously. The medical reports suggest that food stuck in his trachea and it choked him to death, the family also claimed the same.

However, death of four bodybuilders one after another in a short span of time seems beyond an incident. Experts are holding the intake of steroids as a potential cause.

Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation has cancelled the registration of bodybuilding clubs across the country as there are speculations that they give injurious steroids to the members for quick results. The federation has formed five-member committee in all provinces. In order to restore registration, the clubs will have to sign a written agreement with their respective province’s committee that will bear certain clauses.

Dr. Salman Rafique, special adviser to Punjab Chief Minister has told that he has already notified the concerned administrations about the use of steroids and has asked them to take significant steps to prevent these incidents.

He further said, “We are trying to determine the actual cause of deaths of bodybuilders”. Whoever is involved in selling these injurious steroids should be punished.

Hamid Ali, Humayun Khurram, Rizwan and Matloob Haider are the unfortunate bodybuilders that died in the last eighteen days.

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