Pakistan football team to compete for the first time after three years

Pakistan FIFA Asian Games SAFF Cup

Pakistan football team to have their first tour after a gap of around three years on Tuesday with a series of four practice matches in Bahrain.

Pakistan football team’s activities remained completely suspended following a decision from the Lahore High Court in 2015 for the appointment of an¬†administrator to run the federation’s affairs following the controversial Punjab Football Association elections.

The tour to Bahrain will help the team to prepare for their two upcoming assignments Asian Games and SAFF Cup, which are to take place from August 18 to September 2 in Indonesia and from September 4 to 15 respectively.

They were attending a training camp under their new Brazilian head coach Jose Antonio Nogueira and trainer Jose Portella before flying to Bahrain.

Due to not playing any international games for the last three years, they are ranked 201 in the FIFA World Ranking.

Complete Squad:

Waseem Asghar, Adeel Ali, Yousuf Ahmed, Mohsin Ali, Mohammad Sohail, Arsalan Ali, Mohammad Umair, Ali Khan, Mohammad Riaz, Ahsanullah, Mehdi Hassan, Shehbaz Younus, Mohammad Usman, Sadullah, Faisal Iqbal, Mohammad Ahmed, Ahmed Faheem, Mohammad Adil, Naveed Ahmed, Mehmood Khan, Bilawal-ur-Rehman, Yousuf Ejaz, Saddam Hussain, Mohammad Danial, Abdullah Qazi, Hassan Basheer.

Coaching staff and officials:

Jose Antonio Nogueira (head coach), Jose Portella, Mohammad Habib, Chaudhury Noman Ibrahim and Mohammad Aslam.