Pakistan got affected by Big 3 the most: Shaharyar Khan

PaPakistan got affected by Big 3 the most: Shaharyar Khan
Shukriya Pakistan

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shaharyar Khan briefed media about the latest happenings in ICC meeting and told that the board played an important role in revamping global cricket body.

“We were consulting for change in ICC’s constitution, we were against it since the beginning, it was unjust for country’s like Zimbabwe and beneficial for the top three (Australia, England, India), so we wanted to change it,” said Shaharyar Khan.

Khan appreciated the efforts of ICC chairman ShashankManohar for realizing that this system is not helpful for the growth of the game. He was always against it and wanted to change it, despite of being former BCCI head.

“ShashankManohar has a key role in it, although he is himself an Indian and he is being heavily criticized in his country for not backing India’s position,” he told. “But, he always said that it is about principle and stood by his stance, he was clear that he would support it even if he is criticized.”

The PCB boss told that Pakistan was the biggest victim of ‘Big 3’ structure. “Pakistan was affected the most by Big 3, we supported that formula against India’s promise of playing six bilateral series, which they did not fulfill,” he said. “It damaged us financially,” he went on to say.

“India also get affected by not playing one on one series against Pakistan, but they have the richest board in the world, so they can sustain it, whereas we suffer more,” he added.

According to Khan, Australia and England are on Pakistan’s side now, they also wanted to change it, the reason behind that is, the Big 3 structure is under fire in their own country.

With the new constitution, the revenue will be better distributed among the cricketing nation. However, India and Australia are not happy with the share they will get after the revamp.

As a result, India has not announced their squad for Champions Trophy and threatening to pull out of the multi-nation cricketing event as a protest. However, PCB boss has stated that India’s absence will not affect the tournament and West Indies can substitute them.

India is the last time Champions Trophy winner.