Pakistan government sends PCB a letter


The Pakistan government has finally decided to intervene in the matters revolving around the Pakistan-India series as they have sought clarification from the PCB about their visit to India through a notice sent by a federal minister.

The letter which was sent by the federal minister for inter-provincial coordination Riaz Pirzada which stated that the Board discloses full details regarding the Chairman’s visit to India in a report. The federal government has asked the PCB as to why they visited India without first telling the government about their decision. They have reiterated the fact that any matter related to the series should first be discussed with the government as it is a serious issue and other political implications are also at stake.

It should be noted that Pakistan’s chairman Shaharyar khan visited India last month on the invitation of the Indian Board but the headquarters of the BCCI were stormed by the hooligans of Shiv Sena and Khan was asked to return home.