Pakistan might not support the idea of holding World T20 in 2018


The chairman of the Pakistan cricket board Shaharyar Khan has said that he wants member cricket board to support the traditional format of the game that is test cricket which is why he is not in favor of holding the World T20 in 2018. He added that the board might not support 0

“Yes T20 cricket is very popular and necessary to globalise the sport but personally it doesn’t appeal to me as a long term product. Test cricket is the real face of the sport and it must be reinvented and popularised again,” Khan said in an interview to Press Trust of India.

“So far we don’t know anything about the International Cricket Council (ICC) wanting the World T20 to return in 2018 but when the matter does come up we are not likely to support it,” Khan said.

The ICC had originally thought about holding a World T20 in 2020 but now they are looking to organize an event in 2018 and 2020 due to the lucrative opportunities that come alongside this popular format. It must be noted that the ICC Champions trophy will be held in 2017 and the World Cup in 2019 would make the schedule very hectic for players if the World T20 in also included.

“I am a traditionalist and I belong to the old school. To me what is most important now is we pay more serious attention to reviving Test cricket and even 50-over cricket,” Khan said.

“While it is true T20 cricket has become very popular but I feel there is already lot of this format being held with every country hosting its own foreign league,” he said.

“Commercialisation of cricket is there but we need to strike the right balance. We need to safeguard against the public tiring of T20 cricket,” he said.

Although the ICC has pointed out earlier that the revenues generated from sale of broadcast and sponsorship rights for the World T20 in a two-year phase would mean more money to safeguard the Tests.

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