‘Pakistan needs youngsters instead of a 37 or 38 year old’ Ramiz Raja


Karachi: Former cricketer Ramiz Raja once again emphasized on bringing young blood to the forefront in Pakistan’s national cricket team.

Speaking to ESPNcricinfo, Raja highlighted how youngsters showed their skills in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) which means they deserve a wide space on a bigger level.

“Without giving chances to youngsters, how would we come to know they are ones for the future. I think we need to introduce our young blood instead of going back and picking up already tested ones. Put them in white-ball cricket which will increase your cricketing canvas, maybe they go onto play Test cricket too,” he said.

Raja stressed upon changing the mindset of Pakistan’s cricketing authorities. “This is a typical Pakistani mindset that come the World Cup, you must have a lot of experience to win the game, I can understand the value of experience but I still feel that there is much space for young kids to come and do well. Experience can’t be overlooked but at the same time you can’t back yourself completely on a 37 or 38 years old player and not one but three or four,” he concluded.

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