Pakistan origin bowler Imran Tahir confined to hotel


Mumbai: The increasing hatred and extremism developing in India did not spare South African spinner Imran Tahir as he was forced by the management to stay indoors while in Mumbai.

The Hindu extremists have gone to the extent of not only making life miserable for the Indian Muslims and the minorities but have also started victimizing foreigners living in India, due to which the Modi regime is being mocked upon worldwide.

According to Indian media the visiting Proteas team management has asked the Pakistan born bowler Imran Tahir to refrain from visiting historical sites and confine himself to his hotel room in view of the threats being received.
On the other end its been learnt that the Proteas team management has declined issuing any such instruction restricting Imran Tahir’s movement but indeed he wanted to visit Haji Ali’s shrine and other places in Mumbai along with his wife and son but was not allowed to do so.

It may be noted that during the PCB’s chairman Shehryar Khan’s recent visit to Mumbai the Hindu extremists had stormed BCCI’s office and the Modi government’s silence on this issue forced the Indian intellectuals , scientists, movie producers and artists to give back their awards showing resentment on the rising unpleasant incidences taking place.