Pakistan should boycott world T20 in India- Miandad


Former Pakistan batsman and legendary player Javed Miandad has strongly criticised the role of the Indian Cricket Board and its attitude in recent time. While talking to Government news agency Miandad was extremely disappointed to see the way the situation of Pakistan-India series was handled and he considered  India the real culprit. He stressed the fact that the BCCI is moving towards its downfall if it does not readdresses its attitude with other cricketing nations. He also used strong words for the Big 3 in cricket (Australia,England and India) because he thought that the trio had ruined the way series are scheduled and are exploiting teams. He added that one day India will ask Pakistan for a series themselves.

“The BCCI is not a cricket board but a government’s board,”

“This attitude of India towards other cricketing nations is the beginning of their downfall and the day is not far when India would itself ask Pakistan for a series.”

“Before big three the ICC used to issue a 10-year Future Tours Programme for all countries but now we don’t see that as it is the big three who decide what all other Boards should do, which is such a shame,”

He also that Pakistan should boycott the World T20 scheduled to take place in India to record their protest on the world stage.

“If respect really matters to the PCB, then it should not send the team to the World T20,” he emphasised. “It is a matter of our country’s prestige for which India has no regard.”