Pakistan should go for WT20 if security is assured


Pakistan’s former cricketer Wasim Akram, who was a great fast bowler of his time, has backed the Pakistan team going into the World T20 and he wants the rest of the nation to support the team and stop the unnecessary criticism which is currently being hurled at the team.

While talking to media at an event in Karachi Wasim said that Pakistan team needs our support because it T20 World Cup is a mega event and extremely vital for Pakistan cricket.

Wasim also said that, amid the uncertainty surrounding Pakistan’s World T20 visit to India, Pakistan should go and play in India if they Indian government is provide them with adequate security but if that is not the case then Pakistan should not visit India.

As far as Pakistan’s dismal performance in Asia Cup is concerned and the removal the Shahid Afridi as captain was concerned Wasim Akram has said that such a change will not be ideal and he considers Afridi as the best choice currently. He added that Pakistan’s first class needs to be improved first because what the youngsters learn from that poor structure is transferred to international cricket which is why he do tend to witness some disastrous results from time to time.

Wasim also conceded that if Pakistan Cricket Board offers him a coaching role then he will definitely consider it.

Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter


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