Pakistan further slip down to 197th rank in FIFA ranking

Pakistani football players take part in a practice session in Lahore on August 17, 2013. Pakistan football authorities on Saturday said they were delighted at the prospect of playing their first match in Afghanistan for 36 years, and hoped it could pave the way for more ties with their neighbour. AFP PHOTO/Arif ALI
Shukriya Pakistan

KARACHI: Another dark day in Pakistan’s football as the national team further slips down to 197th rank from 194th in FIFA world ranking.

Pakistan were ranked at 194th place, which was their worst ranking since 2001 when they ranked on 192nd and now they have fallen three positions further to make it even worse.

The country’s national football team has been a victim of a power rift between two factions of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) that initiated just before presidential election back in June last year.

One group is headed by Faysal Saleh Hayat, who has been the President of the federation since 2003 and the other is a Lahore High Court backed faction of retired Justice Asad Munir, who was appointed as PFF Administrator.

Pakistan have not played any international contest since March, 2015 when the Men in Green drew their game against Yemen by 0-0.

The lack of international action is costing Pakistan football horribly and their international ranking is in a constant decline. Out of 211 teams, Pakistan is ranked at 197th, which is utterly shameful.

If these issues are not resolved soon, the future of Pakistan football will be even darker.