Pakistan Super League: New horizon in Pakistan cricket


Cricket, no doubt is the heart favorite game of every Pakistani. Though it’s not our national game but gathered a great attention by his supporters due to his uniqueness and unpredictability. People know the results nonetheless everybody keeps watching it till the end. Pakistani cricket is more interesting due to unpredictable nature of team Pakistan which has an ability to turn the game at any stage of the match. Pakistan has played a great role globally to strengthen the game of cricket and supports other teams in their tough times.

After passing through some bad times finally a fresh morning is waiting for Pakistan cricket in the form of Pakistan Super League, which is about to start in United Arab Emirates. This is first ever cricket league started by Pakistan and it will catch more pace in the next coming years. Though they are not the home grounds but the passion of supporters and interest of international players is very energetic. Many players from different countries will be participating in it which is the proof of their great liaison with Pakistan Cricket Board. It will strengthen the positive image of Pakistan among all countries. No doubt we Pakistanis are peace loving people and we spread this message via cricket.

Five teams, Peshawar Zalmi, Lahore Qalandars, Islamabad United, Quetta Gladiators and Karachi Kings will be in action. It’s the representation of all provinces and capital in PSL. This is the message of equality we are spreading. Although all the teams are favorite because every team is comprised of world class players but Peshawar Zalmi and Karachi Kings are most favorite among all. This is going to be an exciting event and every Pakistani is anxiously waiting for this. Matches will be played at Dubai and Sharjah. Although Pakistani nation is still deprived of it, people will watch the tournament in masses.


Almost 90 players from different countries have signed to join Pakistan Super League and most of them are T20 specialists. They have served their countries and many well known cricket leagues globally. It’s a great opportunity for hunting the local talent and that talent will be polished by playing with world class national and international players. Two international legends and cricket gurus Wasim Akram and Ramiz Raja have been appointed as ambassadors of PSL.

This league will pave the way to revive the cricket on Pakistani grounds. Pakistani cricket badly needed an event like that and finally came up with one. PSL now and in future seasons will strengthen cricket in Pakistan as it will provide a marvelous platform for the players to buff their skills. Finally cricket and Pakistan will win at the end regardless of the team winning the tournament.


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