Pakistan taking ‘baby steps’ for cricket revival, says Gavaskar


NEW DELHI: Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar expressed its fear regarding Indian cricketers touring Pakistan in the future.

According to an Indian news agency, Sunil Gavaskar said that Pakistan will have to take more steps before it can be said that international cricket has indeed returned to the country.

He added that not many Indian cricketers would agree to tour Pakistan after what happened to the Sri Lankan cricket team back in 2009.

Pakistan hosted their first international game in six years as they defeated Zimbabwe at Lahore by five wickets after armed gunmen attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team back in 2009 at Lahore.

It should be noted that Pakistan will host India at United Arab Emirates (UAE) in December this year.

He also said that Pakistan is taking baby steps for reviving international cricket in the country.

The former Indian cricketer also said that the home crowd would love to see their team perform on their own grounds rather than on neutral venues.