Pakistan to start IBF Super World Cup’s campaign tomorrow


ISLAMABAD: Ajaz-ur-Rehman will lead Pakistan’s contingent in International Bowling Federation (IBF) Super League, starting tomorrow in Dubai. 

Pakistan team has reached the venue to participate in the event. The team includes Ahmer Abbas, Ali Suriya, Sajjad Shah, M Hussain Chatta, Ali Agha, Amjad Mahmood, and Shabbir Lashkar.

Khuwaja Mustaqim will serve as manager of the team. As many as 60 countries will feature in the world event.

In a statement, captain and Pakistan Ten-Pin Bowling Federation’s president, Ajaz said they are confident to win the championship. “We have prepared ourselves strongly for the event. I am looking forward to leading my team to win the championship,” he said.

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