LIVE: Pakistan win by 20 runs to lead the series by 1-0

Independence Cup - Pakistan vs Wold XI
Shukriya Pakistan

Babar Azam received Man of the Match award for his blistering inning of 86 runs.


Pakistan registered an emphatic win in the opening game of the Independence Cup by 20 runs. It was a team performance, Babar Azam, Imad Wasim, Shaoib Malik, Shadab Khan, Rumman Raees, all performed extremely well.

World XI innings

Over 20 – 177/7 (Darren Sammy 29, Ben Cutting 0)

(19.6) FOUR! Darren Sammy ended the inning by a four.

(19.5) OUT! Thisara Parera is run out, he scored 17 off 11 balls.

(19.1) SIX! Another big one from Darren Sammy, he is providing great entertainment to the crowd.

Over 19 – 164/6 (Thisara Parera 16, Darren Sammy 16)

(18.3) SIX! Another huge hit from the West Indian, this time he targeted straight boundary.

(18.2) SIX! Darren Sammy still looking to put a fight, he pulled one off Rumman for a six.

Rumman continues

Over 18 – 151/6 (Thisara Parera 16, Darren Sammy 4)

Hasan Ali bowls

Over 17 – 148/6 (Thisara Parera 15, Darren Sammy 2)

(16.3) OUT! Sohail Khan’s slow ball does the trick here, Grant Elliott is caught at extra cover by Imad Wasim. He scored 14 off 8 balls.

(16.1) FOUR! Poor delivery from Sohail Khan, on the legs of Elliott, which is hit for a boundary.

Sohail Khan back into the attack

Over 16 – 139/5 (Grant Elliott 8, Thisara Parera 14)

(15.6) FOUR! Parera is on fire here, three consecutive boundaries for him.

(15.5) FOUR! Parera goes straight for another four.

(15.4) FOUR! Thisara Parera pulled powerfully for a boundary.

Rumman back into the attack

Over 15 – 124/5 (Grant Elliott 7, Thisara Parera 1)

(14.5) OUT! Eventful over, Shadab Khan outsmarted Miller with a googly, he is stumped by Sarfraz Ahmed. He scored 9 off 7 balls.

(14.4) SIX! Miller goes massive!

(14.2) FOUR! Elliott played a beautiful reverse sweep for a boundary.

Shadab continues

Over 14 – 110/4 (David Miller 3, Grant Elliott 0)

(13.4) OUT! Tim Paine’s fighting innings come to an end, he looked to go big on a delivery outside off, he was caught at the boundary by Rumman Raees. He scored 25 off 25 balls.

Sohail Khan returns

Over 13 – 107/3 (Tim Paine 25, David Miller 1)

(12.6) FOUR! Tim Paine paddle-swept Shadab beautifully for a boundary

(12.1) OUT! Shadab provides the breakthrough, he picks the big wicket of Faf Du Plessis, he tried to play a slog sweep and was caught in the deep by the substitute (Aamer Yamin) he scored 29 runs on 18 balls.

Over 12 – 100/2 (Tim Paine 20, Faf Du Plessis 29)

(11.6) FOUR! Faf goes unorthodox this time, he paddled one to fine leg for a boundary, 22 runs off the over.

(11.5) FOUR! A delightful cover drive from Du Plessis, expensive over from Hasan Ali.

(11.4) SIX! Straight strike from the super skipper, beautiful.

(11.3) FOUR! Slower one from Hasan Ali, but Faf did well to put it away.

(11.1) FOUR! Hasan Ali leaked runs, as World XI gets a four bye.

Hasan Ali comes back

Over 11 – 78/2 (Tim Paine 20, Faf Du Plessis 11)

(10.4) SIX! Huge hit from Tim Paine, he made room and hit a six.

Shadab continues

Over 10 – 68/2 (Tim Paine 12, Faf Du Plessis 9)

(9.6) FOUR! Faf came down the track and struck a straight hit for a boundary

Imad continues

Over 9 – 60/2 (Tim Paine 3, Faf Du Plessis 10)

The young Shadab Khan introduced into the attack

Over 8 – 58/2 (Tim Paine 9, Faf Du Plessis 2)

Imad into the attack

Over 7 – 55/2 (Tim Paine 7, Faf Du Plessis 1)

(6.1) FOUR! Faheem is welcomed in T20 internationals by Tim Paine with a boundary.

Faheem Ashraf into the attack.

Over 6 – 48/2 (Tim Paine 1, Faf Du Plessis 0)

(5.6) OUT! Huge wicket for Rumman Raees, he has got rid of the dangerous Hashim Amla, he is caught at cover. He scored 26 runs off 17 ball.s

(5.4) FOUR! Amla not holding back. he pulled one on mid-wicket four a boundary.

(5.2) OUT! A perfect comeback from Rumman Raees, he has cleaned up Tamim with a slower one, who scored 18 runs off 18 balls. He celebrates in his signature style.

(5.1) FOUR! Rumman bowled a loosener and Tamim made the most out of it by scoring a boundary.

Rumman Raees into the attack now

Over 5 – 39/0 (Hashim Amla 22, Tamim Iqbal 14)

(4.5) FOUR! A loose delivery from Hasan Ali on the legs, which brought another four.

(4.4) FOUR! Hashim Amla at his best, probably the best stroke of the match, he caressed one over cover.

The Champions Trophy hero, Hasan Ali into the attack now

Over 4 – 29/0 (Hashim Amla 13, Tamim Iqbal 13)

(3.3) FOUR! This time ever better, Tamim pulled Sohail handsomely over mid-wicket.

(3.2) FOUR! Tamim Iqbal danced down the wicket and cut one to a boundary.

Sohail Khan bowls is second over

Over 3 – 18/0 (Hashim Amla 12, Tamim Iqbal 4)

(2.5) SIX! Amla rocks back and struck a massive six over mid-on.

Sarfraz persists with Imad Wasim

Over 2 – 11/0 (Hashim Amla 6, Tamim Iqbal 3)

(1.3) FOUR! Hashim Amla just used his risk to find the gap on wide mid-on for a boundary.

Sohail Khan shares the new ball with Imad

Over 1 – 4/0 (Hashim Amla 1, Tamim Iqbal 2)

Imad Wasim starts proceedings

Pakistan innings

World XI need 198 runs to win the opening game of the Independence Cup. Babar Azam played a mesmerizing oinning of 84 run, whereas Malik and Imad provided the finishing touch to take Pakistan to a decent score.

Over 20 – 197/5 (Imad Wasim 15, Faheem Ashraf 0)

(19.6) SIX! Imad ended the inning on a with a big six

(19.4) SIX! Imad Wasim gets into the act now, he struck one on the leg side

(19.2) OUT! Malik was looking to imitate his previous act, but this time Parera got better of him and bowled him. He struck 28 off 20 balls.

(19.1) SIX! What a hit by Malik! He got under the ball and launched it in the stands.

Over 19 – 176/4 (Shoaib Malik 32, Sarfraz Ahmed 1)

(18.3) FOUR! It is a hat-trick of fours from Shoaib Malik, he looks dangerous at the crease.

(18.2) FOUR! A square drive from the experienced pro, another boundary for him.

(18.1) FOUR! A loose delivery on Shoaib MAlik’s leg and he did not find any difficulty in putting it away.

Ben Cutting into the attack

Over 18 – 161/4 (Shoaib Malik 18, Imad Wasim 0)

(17.6) OUT! Sarfraz Ahmed takes the long walk back, he edged one to Tim Paine behind the stumps. He scored just four runs.

(17.4) FOUR! Malik on fire here, he strikes a four just after a mighty six.

(17.3) SIX! Malik goes BIG! He dug out one from block hole off Parera to hit a straight six!

Thisara Parera bowls

Over 17 –  149/3 (Shoaib Malik 7, Sarfraz Ahmed 3) 

Morne Morkel bowls his last over

Over 16 – 143/3 (Shoaib Malik 4, Sarfraz Ahmed 0)

(15.4) OUT! Big wicket for World XI, Babar Azam played a slog sweep off Tahir, but did not middle it, it easily taken by Miller in the deep.

WIDE! It is a four off a wide, five important runs for Pakistan

Imran Tahinto back in the attack

Over 15 – 133/2 (Babar Azam 84, Shoaib Malik 1)

Shoaib Malik is the new man in!

(14.1) OUT! Ahmed Shehzad out for 39 off 34 balls. Darren Sammy has taken a stunning catch to break this partnership, Ben Cutting has done the trick

World XI looking for a breakthrough, Cutting back into the attack

Over 14 – 130/1 (Babar Azam 82, Ahmed Shehzad 39)

(13.5) SIX! Amazing shot from Babar Azam, he hits another big one, he is nearing his maiden T20 century.

Darren Sammy continues

Over 13 – 117/1 (Babar Azam 73, Ahmed Shehzad 35)

(12.4) FOUR! A boundary for Babar over cover, he was serious to get it as it was badly timed.

(12.2) DROPPED! Babar Azam lofted one off Morkel, Miller tried well but the ball popped out of his end as he landed.

Morne Morkel back into the attack to break the partnership

Over 12 – 106/1 (Babar Azam 64, Ahmed Shehzad 33)

(11.5) FOUR! The over is ended in the same fashion as it started, with a boundary, though it was Babar this time

(11.1) FOUR! Darren Sammy is greeted into the attack with a boundary by Ahmed Shehzad.

Darren Sammy comes in to bowl

Over 11 – 95/1 – (Babar Azam 59, Ahmed Shehzad 27)

(10.5) SIX! Babar Azam charged to Imran Tahir and hit the first six of the Independence Cup.

Over 10 – 85/1 (Babar Azam 51, Ahmed Shehzad 25)

(9.4) FIFTY! Babar Azam has played a magnificent inning here, he reaches his half-century in 33 balls.

(9.1) FOUR! A four off the outside edge, Babar moves to 48.

Over 9 – 76/1 (Babar Azam 44, Ahmed Shehzad 23)

Tahir continues

Over 8 – 70/1 (Babar Azam 42, Ahmed Shehzad 19)

(7.4) FOUR! A welcome boundary for Ahmed Shehzad, he is struggling to find runs

(7.1) Run out appeal! Ahmed Shehzad has easily made his ground

Grant Elliott comes in to bowl

Over 7 – 62/1 (Babar Azam 40, Ahmed Shehzad 13)

(6.2) FOUR! A short arm jab from Babar earned his another boundary, he is nearing a 50.

(6.1) FOUR! Pure magic by Babar Azam, slow ball picked up and drove elegantly through covers, Pakistan brought up their half-century.

Ben Cutting continues

Over 6 – 49/1 – (Babar Azam 28, Ahmed Shehzad 12)

(5.2) FOUR! Brilliant shot by Babar Azam, he came down the track and played with the spin to covers.

The local boy, Imran Tahir to bowl now

Over 5 – 41/1 – (Babar Azam 21, Ahmed Shehzad 7)

The tall Aussie bowler, Ben Cutting into the attack

Over 4 – 34/1 (Babar Azam 19, Ahmed Shehzad 7)

(3.5) FOUR! Ahmed Shehzad beautifully pierced the gap at mid on for a boundary.

(3.4) FOUR! Babar Azam gets a boundary off an outside edge.

Thisara Parera bowls his second over

Over 3.0 – 24/1 – (Babar Azam 14, Ahmed Shehzad 2)

Morne Morkel continues

Over 2.0 – 21/1 (Babar Azam 12, Ahmed Shehzad 1)

(1.5) FOUR! Another boundary for the stylish Babar, once again on leg which is glanced gracefully.

(1.4) FOUR! Parera bowled one on Babar Azam’s leg and it is easy picking for him.

Thisara Parera takes the new ball

Over 1.0 – 12/1 (Babar Azam 4, Ahmed Shehzad 0)

(0.5) FOUR! Babar Azam opens his account with a boundary on the leg side.

(0.4) OUT! Fakhar Zaman, the centurion for Pakistan against India in Champions Trophy final edged one to the slip off Morne Morkel.

(0.2) FOUR! This time he caressed one through the off side.

(0.1) Four! Lucky Fakhar Zaman gets a boundary, unconvincing start.


England: Faf Du Plessis (c), Hashim Amla, Tamim Iqbal, David Miller, Darren Sammy, Tim Payne, Thisara Parera, Imran Tahir, Ben Cutting, Grant Elliott, Morne Morkel

Pakistan: Sarfraz Ahmed (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Imad Wasim, S  (hadab Khan, Sohail Khan, Faheem Ashraf, Hasan Ali, Rumman Raees

Captains’ comments

Pakistan’s skipper Sarfraz Ahmed is confident about his team, “We wanted to bat first anyway. Players are excited, many are playing for the first time. Our focus is on cricket, the past is the past. We have a zabardast (excellent) team.”

Faf Du Plessis is feeling honour to lead the World XI side, “It’s pretty new for all of us, we’ve got a long batting order and gives us an opportunity to look at the wicket. It’s an honour to lead the World XI. It’s not about ourselves, great to see we can play a small part in bringing cricket back to Pakistan. No egos.”


Faf Du Plessis won the toss for World XI and elected to bowl first