Pakistan will struggle to adjust in English conditions, says Salim Malik


Former right hand batsman Salim Malik believes that Pakistan’s upcoming tour of England will be a tough tour for the men in green because Asian team generally tend to struggle whenever they visit England because of the challenging conditions.

Malik added that Pakistan have mostly played cricket, in the past few years, in friendly conditions of UAE and that could pose a problem because the conditions in England will be drastically different.

“Traditionally, Asian teams always struggle in English conditions and pitches. And the problem with Pakistan is for the last few years, it has been mostly playing in the UAE on flat pitches where the ball does not seam nor swings much nor does it spin much,” Malik said.

“That is why I think our players will struggle there to adjust to the conditions,” Malik said.


Salim Malik, who had a pretty decent track record in England with 5 half centuries and three centuries, added that due to playing more cricket in UAE Pakistan batsman tend to commit on the front foot a touch to early which exposes a batsman in English conditions.

“On pitches with some movement this will be a death trap for our batsmen who commit early and are caught in no man’s land as the English bowlers pick up the channel very early on. In England, to succeed you have to play as late as possible,” Malik said.

Malik also criticized Pakistan’s defensive approach of going for a draw and playing it safe rather than adopting an aggressive approach.

“It is like in the early 80’s when a draw was the first option for the team. That thinking will not work in England and I can tell you from experience England will have more helpful pitches ready for Pakistan compared to the ones they used in the Tests against Sri Lanka.”

The stylish batsman was also hopeful that the Pakistan Cricket Board approaches him for a role in Pakistan cricket because he is keen to help out the team in the coaching assignment.

“Even though the court has exonerated me of the life ban yet the board is dragging its feet on the matter and has yet to come out with a clear statement,” he added.

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