Pakistan win 23 medals in Special Olympics 2015 so far


Tauseef Hassan bagged the gold medal in 10 kilometre cycling.

Asim Zar, who won the gold medal in the 100 metre freestyle swimming, clinched the second place in 50 metre freestyle event.

Anwar Ahsan won two gold medals in tennis level 4.

Saira Ikram won the silver medal in 100 metre athletics.

Azhar Marvi clinched the bronze medal in 400 metres run while Mehmona Hussain also came third in the Cycling 1,000 kilometre time trial event.

Iqbal Jahanzaib won two gold medals in Badminton singles events.

Khadija Irfan won the silver and bronze medal in 500 metre time trial and 1,000 kilometre cycling respectively.

Ramail Irshad won the gold medal in 200 metre athletics while Aqsa Ahmed Janjua bagged gold in 50 metre backstroke swimming.

Mahammad Qayyum clinched the gold medals in Tennis Doubles as well.