Pakistan women’s team to kick off their World Cup campaign against South Africa

Pakistan women’s team to kick off their World Cup campaign against South Africa
Shukriya Pakistan

A motivated Pakistan women’s team will kick off their World Cup campaign against South Africa on Sunday at Leciester.

Sana Mir’s team is looking to replicate their male counterparts’ performance in Champions Trophy in their World Cup campaign and aiming to qualify at least to semi-finals.

“We haven’t played a semi-final of a big tournament as yet so that would be an amazing thing to achieve at this point. At the moment we are at the bottom of the table so to get into the top four or five teams, that’s something we are looking to do in round one,” ICC earlier quoted Sana Mir on their official website.

It is the first time when a team will play against all seven teams in the world cup, which means teams like Pakistan will have more opportunities for upsets.

After Pakistan men’s fairytale victory in the Champions Trophy, there are huge expectations from the women’s team as well and they are feeling its pressure too.

“It’s more of a mental thing now, it’s about nerves and keeping your cool under pressure,” said Sana Mir. “

The skipper is looking to keep her team calm under pressure, “Those are the areas, especially, that I have been working on as a captain, because when this pressure builds up in a huge tournament and the opposition can intimidate you at times, so if you can hold your nerve at that time you can turn the tables.”

Sana Mir is happy with their preparations for the tournament. They have a strong bowling line and if their batting clicks, they can defeat any team on the day.

“It’s been pretty good preparation so far. We’ve been here since 2 June and we’ve played some practice matches and the quality of cricket we have played is improving every day so I’m very happy with the way the team is progressing,” she told.

“I think the strength in the bowling line-up is quite good and the batting is catching up a bit. Now it’s a balance between the two. The day we pull it off in both departments, that is when we can upset any team,” she added.

South Africa is currently sixth ranked team of the world, however, they have improved leaps and bounds in the recent times. Before the start of the tournament, they were named as the team to look out for.

The contest between Pakistan and South Africa is expected to be an exciting one, Pakistan women have got all the ingredients to beat the Proteas at the grand stage. On the other hand, South Africa is capable enough to win against any team of the world.