Pakistani footballers might stage sit-ins for the protection of their rights


KARACHI: Pakistan’s international soccer players Kaleemullah and Saddam Hussain identified the need for players to get together on a platform and work to protect their rights in Pakistan.

There has been a power struggle in the Pakistan Football Federation, Kaleemullah urged the government to pay some attention towards footballers’ problems.

Kaleemullah headed towards social media to express his concerns over the power struggle in the PFF. He wrote that neither of the factions have any interest in the game nor they have a footballing background. At the end of the day, it will be the sports that will suffer in the country.

“The two factions are working for their own interests; they don’t care about the players,” he wrote.

The Pakistani soccer star further indicated that they have to protest and stage sit-ins at noticeable places to be heard by the government.

“We need to campaign for our rights; we can stage a sit-in in front of the Parliament House or the Supreme Court to highlight the problem. We’ll do it within the limits,” he further expressed.

The Tulsa Roughneck striker indicated towards the need of a football players association that can protect their rights and contribute for the game that the federation is unable to do.

Kaleemullah talked to Express Tribune, “We need to stick together and establish a platform, because so far the players have suffered the most,” he added, “It would be better for departments and clubs to also speak up against the stalemate and inactivity in the PFF.”

On the other hand, Saddam Hussain opened up as well about the need of a proper association, “We need an association such as FIFPro in Pakistan because the players remain silent due to fear of backlash.”

Saddam believes it is the time, where players should act and act together, “We need to come together and work through this,” he further stated that they need to act for the coming generations, “Our former players should’ve been braver. We want to speak up now because we don’t want future generations to suffer like we have.”

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