Pakistani Martial Artist Rashid breaks four Indian records


Pakistani Martial Artist Mohammad Rashid broke six international records including four Indian in just a day.

Rashid punched 1920 times in three minutes to overcome India’s Prabhakar Redi’s record of 1839 punches. With one Kg weight in hands, Rashid punched 1640 times in three minutes to snatch 1540 punches record from Narine of India.

The martial artist beat batten on the punching bag for 398 times to mark his third record beating Bala Margan’s record of 329 times.

In doubles kick contest, Rashid along with Asmar kicked for 175 times to mark the fourth record under their belt.

Rashid beat America’s Ashita Farman by smashing 125 pencils in a minute while rolled batten for 96 times to achieve the last record.

On claiming six records in a row, Rashid said that it is not an easy task to mark records without any support. “I recorded 41 international records without any support from the government or corporate sectors. I believe in my strength and hopefully will complete 50 international records for my country,” he said.

Rashid, who runs a martial arts academy in Karachi, appealed to the government for support as he wants to mark 100 records for his homeland. “If government support me then I am able to bag 100 international records,” said Rashid.