Pakistan team is lacking talent: Abdur Razzaq

Pakistan team is lacking talent: Abdur Razzaq
Abdur Razzaq.

Former Pakistan’s allrounder, Abdur Razzaq, who has been a part of mighty 90s team, said that it will be painful for him to see Pakistan play world cup qualifying round and told that it is not the same Pakistan team as it used to be.

“They [players] are lacking in talent. There isn’t a player of excellent calibre like [there was] in the past,” told Razzaq to Gulf News. “To add to this, the players are mentally weak. It’s no longer the real Pakistan team. If they all did play as a team, surely Pakistan’s ranking would have been high.”

However, he hoped that Pakistan will win their upcoming matches and avoid the qualifying round, “I only hope that in the coming days they win matches and not go through the process of having to play in the qualifying round.”

The 37-year old highlighted that Pakistan is not doing good in limited overs cricket because they do not have a quality allrounder and they have to groom some from the domestic circuit.

In the past, we had gifted all-rounders [playing for Pakistan],” he said. “Unfortunately, this is lacking today.”

“Since we have a dearth of all-rounders, they [Pakistan Cricket Board] should have given the task of grooming all-rounders to players like Azhar Mahmood, Wasim Akram and myself,” he said. “We would have tried to produce some good all-rounders.”