Pakistanis take to Twitter to denounce the controversial T10 League


Pakistanis take to their Twitter accounts to show their concerns and anger against the controversial T10 League.

As the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) showed their reservations about the source of funds for the cricketing event and how lucrative this league is for fixers, Pakistan’s cricket fans started a campaign on social media boycotting and banning the dubious league.

A cricket fan warned cricketers about the perils of playing T10 League saying, “Beware cricketers…!!! T10 League is full of SPOT fixers.”

Another well-wisher of Pakistan cricket coined T10 League as ‘the danger zone for Pakistani cricketers.’

One cricket fanatic urged the authorities to save Pakistani cricketers from the league made in India.

“For God’s sake, save Pakistani players from made-in-India T10 League,” the post read.

Then there was one Tweet that said that the league is formed just to make the illegal money legal?

“Way to convert black money into white,” one of the posts said.

A concerned fan of Pakistan cricket doubted that the league is formed just to taint Pakistani cricketers.

“Spot fixers behind T10 League, main objective is to damage Pakistan cricket,” it said.

India’s former captain and legendary batsman, Mohammad Azharuddin refused to serve as the president of a talent hunt program in India for the ten-over league on Friday, citing reports surrounding the tournament.

“I was asked to take on the role of director of a talent hunt in India for the T10 League, but with recent media reports surrounding the league, it’s better I stay away from this. I wish the league all the best,” Azharuddin wrote.