Pakistan’s Ali Haider bag two silver medals in Thailand

Ali Haider
Pakistan's Ali Haider bag two silver medals in Thailand

A Pakistani Jiu Jitsu Fighter and MMA practitioner ‘Syed Muhammad Mehdi Ali Haider’ have recently won 2 silver medals in ‘The Mall Jiu Jitsu Championships Thailand’ in 85 KG category.

24-years-old Haider, is orginally from Jalal Pur Shareef Pakistan but currently living in Lahore.

While sharing his story with ARY, Haider said, “I used to be 140Kg it seems like a joke that I use to weigh this much but its true. I started losing weight but couldn’t sustain it”, he said.

Later on, the Pakistani fighter lost 55kg in twelve months, during his transformation he went to a Pakistani nutritionist Ayesha Khan who helped him to maintain his diet plan.

Haider met his coach Jahanzab Rashad who owns Rogue Fitness and Martial Arts Academy where he got trained for Jiu-jitsu.

“I started training Jiu-jitsu at Rogue under the supervision of Jahanzab Rashad as I was going on after training for 7 months with him I heard Jahanzab was going to compete in a championship in Thailand. I asked him if I can come and compete there he gave me the oppurtunity and I went to the Thailand with him”, Fighter Ali Haider said.

85kg silver medalist dreamed to represent Pakistan and make the country proud and it happened.  He competed in Gi and No-Gi championship at 85kg category and bagged 2 silver medals for Pakistan.

“My family is very supportive and I would like to dedicate this win for my late Aunty Syeda Latafat haider, Haider concludes.

Haider is hopeful to compete in more competitions and to represent Pakistan Worldwide.