Pakistan’s batting maestro Javed Miandad turns 59


Former Pakistan captain, Javed Miandad turned 59 on June 12th, he is unarguably one of the best batsman Pakistan has ever produced.

Cricket was not just a game for Miandad, as he said in his autobiography, As far as I was concerned, cricket was war and I was at war whenever I played,” and he was an actual fighter in the middle, who doesn’t know about his last six off Chetan Sharma in the Australasia Cup.

Miandad had admirers all around the world, even his rivals used to respect his determination and fighting instinct in the field.

Here are some words spoken by his contemporaries about him:

Chetan Sharma, who was hit for a six on the last ball of the Australasia Cup’s final by Miandad says, “Whoever meets me for the first time, the first question that comes is about the last-ball six that Javed Miandad hit me for. It keeps happening. I have even started enjoying it now.”

Former West Indian great, Viv Richards said about the batting maestro, “Imran and Miandad are two of the most patriotic individuals I have met, and I can identify with that. I am quite certain you wouldn’t be hearing stories about match-fixing and other bad things if they were at the helm. Both would die for their country.”

Ian Chappell, the legendary Australian skipper remembers Miandad for his street smartness, “Javed Miandad was the archetypal champion if he’s on your side, bastard if he’s an opponent. With his skill, perseverance and street-urchin cunning, Javed won grudging respect as one of the finest batsmen in the game.”

Ravi Shastri said, “I hated Miandad’s guts.”

Javed Miandad represented Pakistan in 124 test matches and 233 One Day Internationals, he scored 8,832 and 7,381 runs respectively in the two formats.