Pakistan’s defeat at Old Trafford makes former cricketers furious

Shukriya Pakistan

Lahore: Pakistan’s catastrophic defeat at Old Trafford has made former cricketers furious. Former renowned fast bowler Wasim Akram while speaking to the media said “It’s very unfortunate that our players end up playing a 40 runs innings.”

We are now left with two fast bowlers only, Imran Khan and Sohail Khan, let’s see which players are brought in by the team management to play the next Test. Shoaib Akhtar said “After winning Lord’s Test the nation was expecting to see another good performance from the Green Shirts but our batting remained disappointing. The tragedy with our players is that most of them are used to Sharjah and Dubai wickets and playing in countries like Australia and England after gaps of 4 years makes it difficult for them to show brilliant performance.”

Younus Khan an experienced player of the team who has more than 100 Tests to his credit also remained unstable while playing. Former leg-spinner Abdul Qadir said “During the second Test we failed in both areas of batting and bowling, whereas the English team learned its lesson from its mistakes in Lord’s Test and converted it to victory in the second Test.” Shoaib Muhammad said “The biggest quality of a professional team is that it maintains consistency in its performance, unfortunately this factor is missing in our team.”