Pakistan’s first fitness academy opens platform for athletes


KARACHI: Dr. Essa Prime Fitness Academy has been set up to help athletes, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts to get professional education on fitness. 

The founder of the first-ever professional academy, Dr. Farhan Essa told ARY Sports the main reason behind launching this academy.

“We have recently seen our athletes struggling with fitness issues in Tokyo Olympics 2020. We have a lot of talent in athletics but there is a need to educate them and their trainers on fitness,” he said.

“The aim behind launching this academy is to educate people on fitness. And, I hope it will help athletes and trainers to get basic education by professional teachers,” he added.

Essa invited Sports federations, government, and athletes to join hands with them to get professional fitness education. “This is an open platform for everyone. I would love it if the government, sports federations take interest in this venture and come and work with us to spread awareness on the importance of fitness education,” he concluded.

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