Pakistan’s greatest sports moments


Pakistan is a country which has tons of passionate sports followers. We have a rich history of truly amazing and glorious moments which will be forever engraved in the hearts of the people for times to come.

The downfall is Hockey and squash has been a body blow to the level of sports in Pakistan and its standard worldwide. Keeping in mind that we were world beaters in both sports and literally taught the world how to play these sports in the most efficient way. Its sad to see the situation of sports in such a sorry state right now.

Lets go back in time and revisit those amazing moments that we had in sports which makes our record books worth reading.

Pakistan have won the World cup in hockey four times and the elusive Olympic gold medal thrice. The world cup wins came in 1971, 1978, 1982 and 1984 while the Olympic Gold medals cam in 1960,1968 and 1984. This illustrates our dominance in the game for more than two decades. Pakistan has also won countless other titles and medals on various occasions which depicts an extremely impressive track record.


Pakistan’s greatest Squash players and one of the top ranked sports athletes of the world Jehangir Khan has the remarkable record of 555 straight wins. This streak lasted five years (1981-86) and is the longest winning streak in top sports and was recognised the Guinness book of world records. Jehangir also won World open 6 times and British Open 10 times.

Jahangir Khan of Pakistan with the trophy after becoming the men's British Open Squash Champion at Wembley Arena on 10th April 1984. (Photo by Bob Thomas/Getty Images)


Pakistan won the cricket world cup twice, once in 1992 under the captaincy of Imran Khan and then the T20 triumph in 2009 where they were marshaled by Younis khan. Cricket has always brought a lot of joy to a nation that loves the game and is now the focal point of sporting activities in the country.




Pakistan has been lucky enough that it has produced some brilliant players in Snooker as well. Mohammad Yousuf and Mohammad Asif won the IBSF world snooker championships, once each, and made the nation proud. Yousuf won in 1994 at Johannesburg and Asif achieved the same in 2012 at Sofia, Bulgaria.


Football has a significant following than before but until the board is depoliticized we can not achieve anything worthwhile. Cricket has a large fan base and so effective management is necessary at all levels because we don’t want to see this wonderful game to plunge in darkness as well.

I would conclude on the note that we hope that Pakistan can regain its lost status in all sports and become world beaters once again.