Pakistan’s Irfan Mehsood breaks the Guinness World Record


Karachi: The 26 years old proud Pakistani, Irfan Mehsood belonging to Tehsil Ladha, Waziristan has broken the Guinness World Record for the most number of full-contact knee strikes in one minute.

Muhammad Irfan Mehsood a student of M.Phil attempted to better the record in July this year in Dera Ismail Khan. He achieved the feat by doing 87 strikes, the previous world record was also held by a Pakistani black belt holder Ahmad Amin Bodla who was at 79.

Irfan while expressing his views said, “I am very happy to get my record approved by the Guinness World Record but I have made attempts at other records too. I have six other attempts that need to be approved from Guinness world Records. I am expecting their reply by October 13.”

Mehsood said he was a fan of martial arts from his very childhood. He started training in 2005 after passing his matriculation exams and kept practicing even in the months of Ramadan without looking back. He said “I want to build a softer and better image of Pakistan and the people of Waziristan that we are not terrorists and we want to get ahead in life since we are good at studies just as we are great at sports.”

Irfan Mehsood had moved with his family from Waziristan and settled in Dera Ismail Khan after the military operation in 2009. He’s still an IDP and is a student of M.Phil in Gomal University.

He said the youth of Dera Ismail Khan and Waziristan are great fans of martial arts and they want to earn a name in sports but the government’s lack of interest is a big challenge. He said he took his inspiration from kick boxer Ahmad Hussain who hit 190 kicks in one minute in 2011 setting a world record.

It may be noted that Muhammad Irfan Mehsood already has 12 country records to his credit which include hitting maximum number of punches in 10 seconds lifting a kilo-weight, doing push-ups on thumbs and full-contact punch with one hand.

Irfan has a great vision about the youth and his country. He says “Sports is something which can help the youth to stay on the right track and can also help improve Pakistan’s image.”