Pakistan’s Mohammad Asif wins IBSF World Snooker Championship


Pakistan’s top snooker cueist Mohammad Asif bagged IBSF World Snooker Championship 2019 by defeating Philippines Jeffrey Roda 8-5 in the final in Antalya, Turkey on Saturday.

It was Asif’s second world title after he won a similar tournament back in 2012. Unbeaten Asif put strong impressions on his counterpart throughout the whole final contest.

In a video message after winning the title, Asif called it a tough contest that had pressure and focus at the same time. “I think it was a close contest. And as you know the final of any tournament has its own parameters of pressure. I tried my best to stick on my plan,” he said.

Winning the first three frames in a row with a break of 68-35, 88-00 and 69-17 respectively, initially, Asif held the match dominantly. Roda then somehow managed to bounce back by winning the next two frames by 28-73 and 5-118. But couldn’t overcome Asif’s lead.

“An early lead gave me immense confidence and I tried to keep the momentum up. Though Roda’s impressive comeback put me in a little pressure, I immediately crossed him and maintained my lead in the sixth frame,” he added.

The close nail-biter ended in favor of Asif with an overall score of 68-35, 88-0, 69-17, 28-73, 5-118, 93-0, 69-1, 72-57, 10-93, 77-04, 21-65, 54-66 and 68-51.

Asif dedicated his award to the people of Kashmir who are striving to get freedom from India’s control. “Like every Pakistani, I feel for Kashmiris and I would like to dedicate my this achievement to Kashmiris and I pray for their future,” he concluded.