Pakistan’s Champions Trophy moments ruled ICC’s twitter in 2017

Pakistan's Champions Trophy moments ruled ICC's twitter in 2017

As the world is about to say goodbye to the year 2017, International Cricket Council (ICC) shared their top-ten retweeted tweets of the passing year.

The tweet that bore the lighter moment shared by Pakistani and Indian players after the final of Champions Trophy 2017, was the most retweeted post of the ICC, the number reaching above 12,000 RTs.

The second most retweeted tweet of the ICC was where they talked about Pakistan’s completing trophy their cabinet after winning the Champions Trophy 2017. It received more than 8,000 RTs.

Pakistan team’s celebrations in the dressing room after crushing India in the Champions Trophy final was the third most retweeted tweet of the ICC.

The fourth on the list was a flashback, the tweet where ICC recalled Yuvraj Singh’s phenomenal six 6’s in an over of Stuart Broad during the World T20 2007.

Sarfraz Ahmed holding the Champions Trophy high with his team shouting and cheering in the background was the fifth most retweeted post of the ICC in 2017.

Virat Kohli greeting Pakistani players with a broad smile is the sixth most retweeted tweet of the International Cricket Council.

Rohit Sharma scoring a blistering century in the T20 international against Sri Lanka on just 35 deliveries, the tweet about his achievement received so many retweets that it ended up at seventh on the list.

The winning moment of Pakistan against India in the final of Champions Trophy is the eighth most retweeted post of the ICC of 2017.

Sarfraz Ahmed and Virat Kohli’s pose with the silverware ahead of the final of Champions Trophy was the ninth most shared picture of the ICC in the year.

Another picture of Pakistan celebrating their historic victory against India in the final of Champions Trophy remained the 10th most shared post.

Overall, the year will be remembered for Pakistan’s triumph in Champions Trophy 2017, where they entered the tournament as the bottom-ranked team and emerged as the winner. The icing on the cake was Pakistan beating the arch-rivals and the favourite to win the tournament in the all-important final.