Pakistan’s Wasim to fight in Dubai on November 22


Pakistan’s champion boxer Mohammad Wasim will contest in his 11th fight in Dubai on November 22.

Wasim, who has so far won nine fights which include world record of winning consecutively eight times, has high hopes for shining once again for his country. His opponent’s name will be disclosed soon.

The 32-years-old boxer is currently training in Scotland for his upcoming fight and hopes to prepare himself strongly for the forthcoming challenge.

“I am really looking forward to marking yet another achievement for me and my country,” he said.

While revealing his preparation plan, Wasim said that cycling is the most crucial part of his training and it gives him immense stamina.

“My training is very hard as I always try to be prepared strongly. I do cycling which is very important for a boxer as it makes your legs and knees strong,” he concluded.