Pakistan’s world record holder martial artist turns 23

Shukriya Pakistan

Pakistan’s renowned martial artist, Ahmad Amin Bodla, who have a number of Guinness World Records have turned 23 years old on Wednesday.

Bodla, a son of a retired Brigadier, started practicing martial arts at an age of 15 years and soon mastered the art. He first attempted to break a record back in 2012 and since then, he has claimed various records.

Here are some of his achievements.

Most martial arts kicks (355) in one minute.

Most martial arts kicks (783) in three minutes.

Most martial arts kicks (6,970) in one hour.

Most punches (312) in one minute with 1kg weight in each hand.

Most knuckle push-ups (24) with 40lb weight on the back.

Moreover, he is the only martial artist from Pakistan that is being inducted in US Martial Arts Hall of Fame with the courtesy of the number of records he has against his name.