Parallel bodies fight for FIFA house charge in Lahore


LAHORE: Engineer Ashfaq-led group forcefully took charge of FIFA house here on Saturday, claimed Haroon Malik – chairman of FIFA appointed normalization committee of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF).

Haroon told the media that Ashfaq-led group forcefully entered the FIFA house and tried to do physical torture on him and his men. “They took charge of the FIFA Football house forcefully. They tried to hurt us physically but we managed to escape from the place,” he claimed.

“We offered them to hold talks to solve problems but they didn’t agree and took charge of the house intentionally,” he shared.

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On the other hand, Ashfaq defended the allegations and said Haroon and his team handed over the charge peacefully. “They gave us the charge by their own. Neither we tortured them nor took the charge forcefully,” he said.

“We gave charge to previous normalization committee’s chairman Hamza Khan peacefully but this committee failed to hold elections. Congress directed us to take charge of the house and we will write a letter to FIFA about the current situation,” he added.

Ashfaq assured that they will resume football activities in the country and also conduct the free fair elections as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, ARY News received pictures of property damage at the FIFA football house. The world’s governing body FIFA is most likely to take action on this issue.

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