PBSF cancel Asif, Masih participation in World Team Snooker Championship


Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Federation (PBSF) has stopped the defending world champions Mohammad Asif and Babar Masih for participating in the World Team Snooker Championship starting from December 13 in Egypt.

Asif and Masih were to leave for Egypt on Tuesday for participating in an all-important event but the federation canceled their tickets due to not signing the new contract.

According to the players their contract will end on December 31 but the federation’s president influenced them to sign a new one which they refused.

Asif in a video message said that the president of PBSF Sheikh Munawwar asked them to sign the contract if they want to participate in the event.

“Mr. Munawar had a clear-cut message for us that if you want to take part in the event then you should sign the contract,” he said.

Masih also shared his views on this matter through a video message saying that the federation is doing wrong with them by canceling their participation.

“The federation is playing with our career as we want to represent our country and add one more feather to our achievement,” he said.

He revealed that they asked the federation to sign the contract in January when their current contract will expire but they refused it.

Masih was quick to add that Mohammad Bilal and Majid Ali have signed the new contract hence they will participate in the event.

“Mohammad Bilal and Majid Ali will feature in the world championship as they have signed the new contract,” he stated