PCB asks Arab TV for evidence regarding spot-fixing

PCB asks Arab TV for evidence regarding spot-fixing

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has asked for evidence from Arab TV regarding Pakistani players’ involvement in spot-fixing following the second episode of their documentary on the issue which was released on Sunday.

PCB has stated that they will conduct furtherĀ investigation on the matter once they get evidence from the Arab’s media house.

The cricketing body also clarified that having a picture with someone does not indicate that the player has been involved in any corrupt activities.

The documentary showed Pakistan’s middle-order batsman meeting an associate of infamous match-fixer Aneel Munawar in a hotel in Dubai and taking a bag during their Test series against England in 2012. However, there was no evidence of whether Akmal left the hotel with the bag or he carried out any fixing.

Earlier, Umar Akmal told in an interview that he has been approached by bookies multiple times, but he refused to do any wrongdoing. He is being currently under investigation by PCB’s anti-corruption unit for not reporting the approaches from fixers.

On the other hand, England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Cricket Australia (CA) have denied any involvement of their players in corrupt activities because of lack of evidence.

According to the Arab TV, English players have carried out spot-fixing seven times, while Australians have been involved in the mal activity five times. While Pakistani players have done it three times as per their investigation.

International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken this documentary seriously and has asked Arab TV to share the evidence with them so that they can take further steps to make cricket corruption-free.

The anti-corruption units of PCB and ICC are jointly investigating the documentary from the Arab TV.

However, PCB stated that the evidence shown by Arab TV in the documentary are unsubstantiated.