PCB can not risk hosting an international match in Pakistan, says Shaharyar


The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board Shaharyar Khan has said that the board is currently hesitant about hosting an international series in Pakistan because of the risk involved in it and they do not want to take such a step until unless they are absolutely sure that there is no terrorist threat.

“We do not want to take a risk in which a large crowd gathered in a stadium could be subject to a terrorist attack,” he said in an interview with PakPassion.net. “The hesitation is not just from other teams, it is partly from our own people too who feel that this is a ready-made target for terrorists to disrupt and to create a negative impact on Pakistan’s integrity.”

“We want international cricket to return, and there are teams willing to make the trip to Pakistan, but we are a little hesitant at the moment until the air clears for a foreign team to come and visit,” he said.

While responding to a question on whether he will raise voice in the upcoming ICC meeting regarding the revival of Indo-Pak series, Shaharyar said that he and the board have always supported the initiating of series between two side but it has always been the Indian board and government who creates hurdles and the series gets postponed time and again. He added that the series i extremely lucrative and even if it takes place at a neutral venue there are loads of fans who want to watch such an encounter and grounds fill up very quickly.

“Pakistan-India series would have been a very lucrative series as the encounters between both nations attract a lot more international attention and financing compared to other series, even more than the Ashes,” he said.

“However, the Indian side did not permit for a bilateral series and as a result, it went down the drain with huge financial implications for us,” he added.

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