PCB considers lifting ban on Umpire Nadeem Ghauri


Karachi: PCB is considering lifting ban imposed on umpire Naddem Ghauri found guilty in a corruption case 6 months prior to his completion of term.

According to details, in October 2012 an Indian TV channel had carried out a sting operation through which they leveled corruption allegations on six umpires, including four from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka besides Pakistan’s Nadeem Ghauri and Anis Siddiqui.

ICC suspended the accused umpires and PCB also stopped both their officials from supervising domestic matches, they formed a committee under the supervision of the then Director of security and vigilance Ehsan Sadiq to tackle the matter. The members after investigation discovered that both of them were willing to accept money for favorable umpiring decisions, therefore Nadeem Ghauri was banned for four years and Anis for three years. This decision was implemented on 11th October 2012, Anis has completed his term while Ghori has to wait for another six months.


Nadeem Ghauri has appealed the PCB to consider his case on humanitarian grounds and forgo the rest of his punishment so that he is able to make his living once again through umpiring. Sources say that Chairman Shahryar Khan has sent a letter to all the board members to know their opinion whether or not to remove the ban and allow him to perform his duties in domestic matches. If majority members vote in his favor, he would be seen umpiring in the current season.

The other Pakistani Umpire Anis Siddiqui had left for England after this incidence. Its been learnt that two months earlier he went through a bye-pass operation in Ireland. Interestingly, the main character in this case, Bangladesh’s umpire Nadir Shah who was banned for ten years was re-instated by his board just after three years and has recently supervised a domestic event match. It may be noted that the 53 year old Nadeem Ghauri has umpired 5 Tests, 43 ODs and four T20 internationals and for Pakistan he has umpired one Test and six OD matches.

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