PCB decides renting out National Stadium Land


Karachi: Pakistan Cricket Board has decided to rent out National Stadium Karachi land for wedding events. People protested in front of the National Stadium against the calling of tenders while the Water Board’s revenue department has disconnected National Stadium’s water connection for nonpayment of bills worth 8,000,000 Rupees.

National Stadium has two water connections, consumer # 5500 and 5501 after serving several notices the water connection has been disconnected. The PCB administration says due to the construction of fly over on the piece of land measuring one acre granted to City Government the 3″ diameter water connection passing under the bridge got damaged and became non operative. The matter was informed to the Water Board and a joint survey was conducted.
Later, on the 21st of September a bill of 4,410,000 rupees was issued and the water connection disconnected. The Water Board is desirous of receiving payments for sewerage and conservancy along with the water bill. Due to stoppage of water supply the expensive grass is being damaged. Since International cricket is not being played anymore, tenders were called upon to rent out National Stadium’s land for marriage events and voices are being raised on its transparency.

A protest took place at the stadium on Friday. The PCB administration stated that the concerned team coming from Board Head Quarters Lahore opened the tenders on Thursday in a transparent manner to safe guard the additional land and gain revenue for the Board to cover its expenses whereas tenders coming in late were not entertained for which PCB is being criticised.

Due to this decision PCB will generate additional income of 30-3,500,000 rupees annually without disturbing the cricket activities in the stadium. The cricket circle is disturbed to see the deteriorating condition of the National Stadium and many questions arise as to why the Regional cricket academy is not taking shape despite spending millions of rupees.