PCB downsized staff in Karachi amid COVID-19 tensions


Karachi: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has fired people at the lower level in Karachi following financial tensions caused by nationwide lockdown due to widely spread COVID-19, ARY Sports reported. 

After firing helpers and office boys in Lahore the other day, PCB has now downsized staff at Karachi’s National Stadium. According to the sources, sweepers, messengers, and office boys have been fired from jobs with a notice period of a month, ending on June 30.

Those whose services were terminated included Sajid Siddiqui (Assistant Manager Hanif Muhammad HPC Karachi), Faisal Raza (Executive), Mustafa Hussain Khan (Administration),
Muhammad Zahid (Maintenance Officer), Nasiruddin (Plumber), Muhammad Ayub (Media Peon), Griffen, Sunny Firoz, Augustine (Sweepers).

Earlier in Lahore also, helpers and office boys became the target in the first phase of downsizing.

A helper in the PCB told ARY Sports that more employees at the lower level are on target and will be given notice soon. “PCB is hiring people on top posts and firing employees with a salary under PKR 50,000, this is totally unfair,” he reiterated.

“If PCB is suffering through financial crisis then why don’t they consider a reduction in salaries of people on the higher posts, those who are taking salaries in millions?” he asked.

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