PCB finally gives up on Pak-India series


Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) loses hope on Pak-India series and finally gives up.

PCB sources say the chances of playing Pak-India series are over, it was assumed both the teams would play series during the current month but PCB says we cannot make arrangements on short notice, therefore the chances of playing the series are over as of now.

According to the agreement between Pakistan and the Indian Cricket Board, Pakistan had to host the bilateral series this month and PCB had decided that the series will take place at UAE but the Indian board kept coming up with lame excuses and started insisting that Pakistan team should come and play the series in India.


Finally PCB made it clear to the Indians that since Pakistan was to host the series as per agreement therefore its arrangement was also Pakistan’s responsibility and for which the Sri Lankan cricket ground was selected but India was unable to get permission from its government and the series issue got politicized.

Its worthy to mention that deliberate delays and excuses on the part of Indian Cricket Board finally led to what the Indians wanted and despite an agreement between both the teams the series could not materialize.