PCB inaugurates high performance centre in Karachi

PCB inaugurates high performance centre in Karachi
Shahryar Khan. (FILE PHOTO: AFP)

KARACHI: PCB chairman Shahryar Khan and Executive Committee chairman Najam Sethi inaugurated Hanif Mohammad High Performance Sports Centre in Karachi, the first PCB’s own cricket academy in the premises of National Stadium.

As per the PCB boss, the facility is ‘state of the art’ and he even claimed that it is better than the National Cricket Academy in Lahore.

Shahryar Khan stated that it was his dream to open such an academy in Karachi and the facility is in accordance with the stature of city of Karachi.

“Today is a big day as it was my lifelong dream to have an academy in the country’s biggest cricketing city. The accommodation room, gym and swimming and media centre here are befitting of Karachi’s size and stature,” said Khan.

“Like Lahore and Multan’s, this academy can also accommodate foreign players, which is important as we expect international cricket to return to Pakistan in 2017,” he added.

He also revealed the plan that PCB would like to open such academies in other big cities of the country.

“This is just the beginning as we plan on setting up similar high performance centres in other major cities such as Bahawalpur, Peshawar and Rawalpindi next year,” he told media.