PCB increases match fee, winning prizes for domestic season

PCB increases match fee, winning prizes for domestic season

Pakistan Cricket Board has decided to increase match fees of players and winning prizes for the players and the teams for the upcoming season of domestic cricket at all levels.

The cricket board has decided to spend Rs 1 billion on domestic cricket to help improve the standard of the domestic structure and also motivate players by offering them improved match fees.

According to the PCB, a player will earn around Rs 2 million during the domestic season 2019-20, while team winning the prestigious Quaid-e-Azam Trophy will receive a hefty amount of Rs 10 million of cash prize.

Players were paid Rs 50,000 per match in the previous edition of the QeT, whereas the remuneration has been increased to Rs 75,000 for the next season.

The match fee for a match for Pakistan Cup and National T20 Tournament has been raised to Rs 40,000 a match, which was Rs 35,000 and 30,000 respectively.

Managing Director PCB, Wasim Khan feels it was unjust for domestic players to get such small amounts against their skills and hard work.

“The new domestic structure of the PCB will help players improve their standard of living,” he said. “It is saddening that these players were deprived of their deserved reumuneration.”

There is also a boost of 150 and 100 per cent in the winning prizes of Pakistan Cup and National T20 Tournament respectively.

Players with a domestic central contract will earn Rs 0.6 million annually after the raise by the PCB for the future seasons of the domestic cricket.

Moreover, match fee for U-19 three-day and One Day games have been increased to Rs 8,000 and 5,000 from Rs 4,000 and Rs 2,000 respectively.

The domestic cricketers will stay in three and four star hotels, while the inter-provincial tours will be done by air.


  • Quaid-e-Azam Trophy First Class matches will be held from September 14 to October 8 and October 28 to December 13.
  • The National U-19 Cricket Tournament will be held from 1st October to 12th November.
  • The Quaid-e-Trophy Second XI will be played from September 14 to October 10 and October 28 to November 29.
  • The National T20 Cup will be played from October 13 to 24. First XIs will play in Faisalabad, second XIs will play in Karachi.
  • The Pakistan Cup one-day tournament will begin from 29 March and ends on 24 April 2020.