PCB to inquire missing ‘green stripes’ from Pakistan team’s sweaters

Pakistan green stripes
Shadab Khan wearing sweater without green stripes - AFP

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) thanked former Test skipper, Wasim Akram for pointing out the missing ‘green stripes’ from Pakistani players’ sweater and assured him that they will seriously inquire about the matter.

The legendary left-arm pacer, Wasim Akram tweeted with a screenshot of Babar Azam batting in the one-off Test against Ireland, “Where is the green stripe gone from our sweater? Not cool.”

As the tweet went viral, PCB jumped in to respond to the query of the Sultan of Swing and stated that they will do inquiry about it.

“Thank you for pointing this out. We are going to seriously inquire into the matter,” PCB tweeted.

The former left-arm pacer further stated that he has no issue with the change, but he would like to be in the loop.

“Since tweeting this yesterday there has been a lot of enquiry into where our green stripe has gone. I wanted to add that I’m all for modernising our uniform and I’m not blaming anyone for the change but many of us have played proudly with this kit, next time keep us in the loop!” he tweeted.