PCB to introduce clear ‘code of conduct’ for domestic cricketers


Karachi: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will introduce a clear ‘code of conduct’ for domestically contracted players within three or four weeks, Chief Executive Wasim Khan disclosed on Saturday. 

While addressing Hafeez’s matter via teleconference with reporters, Khan said that domestic players also come under some ‘code of conduct’ which is yet not defined properly. He said that the cricket board is working to frame a clear policy for all domestically and centrally contracted players which will be related to ‘what they can and can’t do’.

“We have been working on to make a clear ‘code of conduct’ for our players, especially domestically contracted cricketer. Within three or four weeks, we will introduce a clear ‘code of conduct’ for players and also the penalties/punishment if a player breaches it,” said Khan.

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“I have talked to Hafeez personally when he posted his result of a private test publicly. I told him that his Tweet questioned PCB’s entire testing system. He showed remorse and I think we sort out the issue and now everything is ok,” he added.

Remember, Hafeez was tested positive for COVID-19 in a Test conducted by the PCB on June 22. For personal satisfaction, the experienced cricketer went for a private Test and it came out negative.

He took to Twitter to share the result of a private Test which created an unexpected controversy. People started criticizing PCB’s testing system and the issue was reported internationally which put the board in hot water.

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