PCB lodges protest with PEMRA on Amir Sohail’s comments

Shaharyar Khan relieves Basit Ali from PCB posts
Shaharyar Khan. (FILE PHOTO: AFP)

LONDON: Pakistan Cricket Board Friday lodged a protest with Pakistan Electronic Management and Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) over comments made by former captain Amir Sohail implying that Pakistan’s win in the Champions trophy were influenced from outside sources.

Sohail had alleged Pakistan has been ‘awarded’ wins by people he knows.

“There is a need to tell Sarfraz that he has not done any wonders,” said Sohail on Samaa tv.
“Someone has helped you win matches, so don’t show off. We know everything what happens and what not happens. Don’t ask who did, I will give answer that its prayers and Allah but will not tell the sources. He (Sarfraz) is brought (by someone).”

Amir further said Sarfraz should control his mind.

“Don’t come to our heads,” he warned Sarfraz.

“We know you ability, so play cricket quietly. If you do something wrong, we will tell you that you are doing wrong, if do correctly, we will appreciate but even if you are doing it correctly we will let you know about your mistakes, so keep your mind under control else you cannot survive for long.”

PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan told ARY news that a protest has been lodged with PEMRA.

“Sohail’s comments on the team and Sarfraz when the team is winning and is in the final are unacceptable and we have lodged a protest with PEMRA as to how such comments were aired,” Khan said.

“PCB backs Sarfraz, the team management and the team and the whole nation is behind in this.”

Khan said Sohail’s comments are unacceptable and despicable.

“At a time when the whole nation is celebrating and anticipating a win in the final against India such comments are unacceptable.”

Indian media had a field day on Sohail’s comments, highlighting that Pakistan’s wins were helped by bookie mafia.