PCB offers World XI players $100,000 to play in Pakistan

World XI

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in a bid of bringing back international cricket in Pakistan is offering USD 100,000 to top players to come with World XI and play three T20 matches in the country.

“They have been offered $100,00 US dollars to play three matches over six days plus a pre-series training camp in Dubai,” reported British newspaper The Telegraph.

PCB is still looking for security clearance from Punjab Government for the World XI tour. According to the latest development, Punjab government has asked the board to reschedule the tour.

As per details, the board is being advised to host the series before September 15 or postponed it after 17 as there are by-elections of NA-120 on the latter date.

After this advice from the government, the board is in contact with the International Cricket Council (ICC) to finalize new dates for the three-match T20 series in Lahore.

On the other hand, the Federation of International Cricketers Association (FICA) is waiting for a security report from the experts after which the association will officially respond to the proposed World XI tour.

Reg Dickerson, who works with England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) visited Lahore last month to see security arrangements.

“Reg Dickason has been to Lahore last month to study the ground realities there and get a briefing on the security arrangements for the World Eleven tour. He will give his report this week to FICA,” a PCB source aware of the developments told PTI.