PCB publish anti-racism code on the official website

The copy of anti-racism code for the domestic cricket has been published on the official website of Pakistan cricket board (PCB).

The PCB’s anti-racism code was approved in the 52nd BoG meeting, which will come into effect immediately with the fourth edition of Pakistan Super League. The code will be applied to all the players, management, umpires and match referees.

The Code mirror’s the ICC Anti-Corruption Code with slight modifications.

As per the approved code, if the player or the managerial staff violate the code, they will be suspended for 4 to 8 matches.

On violating the code second time, a player or a player support personnel could face 8 matches to lifetime suspension, while on the third time, the duration of suspension will be one year to lifetime.

Moreover, if the umpire violates the code for the first time, he could face the suspension for 1 to 3 months.

Every who violates the code must also sit in the educational program on anti-racism.