PCB to restructure domestic structure

PCB to restructure domestic structure

The Board of Governance (BoG) of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to restructure the domestic circuit, reducing 16 teams to eight and replacing departments with regions.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, the former World Cup-winning captain, has always talked about the importance of regions in a domestic system and the PCB has agreed to give them the limelight.

On the other hand, the departments like National Bank, State Bank, WAPDA and others will sponsor the regions, though they want a higher stake in the whole system.

However, the Board of Governors have reportedly expressed their concerns over the reduced number of teams, a number of players will be sacked.

A press release from the PCB informed that the proposed domestic structure from the task force was discussed in detail and the BoG has also approved it.

“The BoG has approved the conceptual framework recommended by the task force in which both the departments and regions will continue to have an important role,” the official statement read.

It has been instructed that the interest of players must be protected while revamping the domestic structure.

“It was reiterated that the interest of all stakeholders, especially the players, will be safeguarded. The task force has been advised to work on the details of the structure based on constitutional and financial parameters,” it said.