PCB should bring in a new selection committee


The performance of Pakistan’s selection committee is under scrutiny these days because of the below par team selections and continuous downslide in Pakistan team’s performance which is why major changes are expected to be made sooner rather than later.

The PCB is considering the removal of the entire selection committee headed by chief selector Haroon Rasheed and bring in someone else because some extremely important away tours are planned for Pakistan after the end of World T20 which includes the tough tour of England.


Although it is important that a new face is brought in but going back to the likes of Iqbal Qasim, Wasim Bari, Salahuddin etc is not going to change things and lay a drastic impact because these people are tried and tested and their results at this post are just not good enough.

There are many other former cricketers who are waiting for some sort of responsibility at PCB and it’s about time these people are brought in the wider frame.

Pakistan’s chances at the upcoming World T20 are quite low because of the team’s lacklustre performances in the recent past but even if they do well in the tournament it is quite clear that this selection will not be staying in office and so it is vital that PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan takes some concrete steps to restore the country’s faith in Pakistan cricket.

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